Tips of Eating Healthy food while at Restaurants

Eat healthy while at Restaurant

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Meal4u comes up with the tips you must know while eating at restaurants. Eat good and healthy food to keep yourself happy and healthy. Do not abuse your body with junks, they are really harmful for your health. Best tiffin service in Lucknow

Here are few tips which will help you to eat healthy while parting or eating at restaurants:-
  1. Take a glass full of water with 1-table spoon of apple cider vinegar before leaving your house for restaurants or leaving for the party.As water keeps you hydrated and make you feel full which hold you from over-eating.
  2.  Ask for  a plate full of green salad while waiting for your order. Never ask for any drink or crispies before your dinner. 
  3. Instead of deep-fried dishes go for soups or salad for appetizer.
  4. While at party or restaurants try to stick to Tandoori, grilled, stir-fried dishes. 
  5. At the end of your main course, if required ask for almonds or yogurts instead of sugary dessert. Best tiffin service in Lucknow Best tiffin service
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